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Big Giant Pau (Dumpling)

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If you are hungry for tim sum at night in Butterworth, do head out to Restaurant Orient Precious at Tingkat Bagan Baru Dua (it is off Jalan Heng Choon Thian).  The tim sum is here is the best (for night dining in Butterworth) but what they are famous for here is their “Giant” Tua Pau.  You will probably not find any pau bigger than what you find here, however they only make a limited amount of them every night and I find the best time to get your hands on one of it is at about 7:30 pm.  It usually take them about 15-30 minutes to sell them off. 

This tim sum place is closed on Monday.


Butterworth Tim Sum

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If you are in Butterworth, Penang and are looking for a great tim sum place in the morning do head out to Chau Chun. It is located at along Jalan Ong Yi How (off Jalan Raja Uda).  This place is usually quite crowded in the morning and if it is a public holiday, I would advice you go head out there early.  Do not expect the tim sum to “come around” during the weekends or holidays because their business is just overwhelming.  Their basic tim sum is excellent, pau, shu mai, har gow, fish ball, but what I love best here in this place is their hong kong chee cheong fun.  I have travelled the world and had tim sum in lots of places, but never had I had one this good, and more so, its only RM 1.50 per plate (as of June 1)!

So if you are thinking of tim sum in Butterworth, I would say this would be the best place to try.